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    Many students who attend our middle and high schools can benefit from your generosity. Please consider making a tax credit contribution or a monetary gift that can be used to offset athletic participation fees that schools incur when they waive fees for students with economic hardships.

  • Tax Credit

    • Arizona tax law allows a tax credit up to $200 for an individual or $400 per married
      couple for contributions made or fees paid to a public school.
    • Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar deduction of the actual state tax owed.
    • Tax credit contributions can be used to support extracurricular activities such as: sports,
      fine and performing arts, clubs, or outdoor education.
    • For more detailed information about tax credit donations, please review the FAQ below.


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  • Tax Credits FAQs


    What can tax credit contributions be used for?

    Tax credit contributions can be used to support activities such as:

    • Extracurricular activities, including sports, fine and performing arts, clubs or outdoor education.
    • After-school classes, including homework lab, reading class, tutoring, etc.
    • Overnight field trips.
    • Character education programs (ARS 15-719).

    Who can make a tax credit contribution?

    • Anyone who files state income taxes in Arizona may make a tax credit contribution. This includes parents and guardians, as well as community members who may not have children attending school.

    What are the benefits of making a tax credit contribution?

    • Your tax credit contribution will provide financial assistance for students whose parents may not be able to pay the fees for these extracurricular programs.
    • Our middle and high schools are in the greatest need of tax credit contributions. By making a tax credit contribution, you’re making a difference in the lives of students in the district.

    How does the tax credit work and is there a limit to the amount I can donate?

    • It’s important to know that a tax credit is not a tax reduction. It’s a dollar-for-dollar deduction of the actual state tax owed. For example, if you owe $900 in state income taxes and you donate $400 to a public school for extracurricular activities, you may subtract the $400 from your tax bill and pay the state just $500.
    • No, you may donate any denomination that you choose, however, you will only receive tax credit for the $200 or $400 limit. You may donate in installments during the calendar year, or donate it at one time.
  • Gifts and Donations


    • Individuals and organizations may make monetary gifts and/or donations to schools.
    • There is no limit to amount that may be gifted and/or donated.
    • Donors can either mail their checks with the PVSchools Gifts and Donations form to the school of their choice, or drop them off at the school.
    • For more detailed information about Gifts and Donations, please review the FAQ below.


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  • Gifts & Donations FAQs


    What can Gifts and Donations be used for?

    • PVSchools middle and high schools are in need of monetary gifts such as cash and checks that can be used for athletic participation fees for students who may have an economic hardship. If you’d like to make a monetary gift, please indicate the school and program to you are contributing.

    Who can make a Gifts and Donations?

    • Individuals and organizations may make a monetary gift and/or donations to PVSchools. Those making monetary gifts may request how the funds are used such as to help cover athletic participation fees for middle and school students or a particular school.

    What are the benefits of making Gifts and Donation to the district?

    • Reduced educational dollars necessitates the need for school districts to turn to their communities and stakeholders to address the shortage to meet the educational needs of students.  Donors have the ability to work with school site administration and the district to identify needs that best support our schools and students.

    Are Gifts and Donations tax deductible?

    • The Paradise Valley Unified School District is a governmental unit and classified as a charitable organization as defined in section 170(b) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts and Donations are accepted and acknowledged by the Governing Board and receipts are issued for tax purposes.  Please refer to your tax preparer for questions on charitable donations and tax deductions.

    How does the Gifts and Donations work?

    • Donors can send checks with the required form through the mail. Actual items must be reviewed and accepted by the schools. Schools do not have to take donations that do not enhance or improve educational needs such as non-commercial grade treadmills.

    • If the school/department wishes to use a donation for food, a letter from the donor is required that specifically states food can be purchased.

    What can be accepted as Gifts and Donations?

    • Cash and checks are accepted. For non-cash donations, items such as books, furniture and musical instruments can be accepted. The donor must indicate the value of the donation for non-cash donations as the school/site cannot make that determination. Information Technology (IT) and Facilities items such as computers, network equipment, displays, printers, or smartphones, playground equipment, appliances, shade structures (donor is responsible for the upkeep) must have prior approval from the IT Department or the Facilities Department. For IT approval, please call 602-449-2392. For the Facilities Department approval, please call 602-449-2260.

    What cannot be accepted as a donation?

    • Exercise equipment is not accepted. Additionally, school sites are not allowed to accept any vehicles that would require district registration with the Maricopa County Vehicle Department such as tractor, car, golf cart, or trailer. If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at  602-449-2251.