• School Nurse
    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Hello to all from your School Nurse!  We want you to know that we follow carefully developed practices and procedures to protect your child and to provide emergency care when a student becomes ill or injured at school.  Below is important information to help keep your student safe and healthy.


    Arizona’s school immunization law requires verifiable documentation of immunization for all new entrants to any Arizona school. Immunization against the following diseases is required for attendance in school:
    •Diphtheria •Tetanus •Pertussis
    •Polio •Measles (Rubeola) •Mumps •Rubella (German Measles)
    •Haemophilus influenzae (Hib) •Hep B (Hepatitis B) •Varicella (Chicken Pox)


    All medications must be administered by the school nurse. Bring all medication into the health office properly marked with specific instructions and in the original container. 

    Minor medical conditions:

    Little things like allergies can contribute to difficulty learning due to symptoms and sometimes treatment. Asthma, allergies, chronic health conditions, mental health concerns, and any medications should be communicated so that we can prepare for any potential needs. 

    Health communication:

    Your child's health conditions are communicated to the teachers through Infinite Campus. Please go your Infinite Campus account to view the information, if any, written there and contact the nurse with any update or new health information.

    If your child becomes ill at school:

    Please develop a plan for picking up your child promptly in the event s/he becomes ill or injured at school. We feel terrible when sick students are forced to stay at school when we can’t contact parents/guardians.

    Keep you child at home if she or he has symptoms of a beginning illness:

    To determine if your child is able to attend school, ask the questions: “Is my child able to participate fully in classroom activities?” “Is my child free from a communicable disease that could be transmitted to others?” If they are actively able to communicate an illness due to active coughing, sneezing, vomiting, etc, they should not come or stay.

    We continue to emphasize consistent school attendance because learning is enhanced when students are able to attend school every day.  Excused absences that become excessive, even if due to illness, may require a doctor’s note to excuse. It is a good practice to get a note from the doctor any time your child has an appointment and then send the note to school.

    We want your student to stay well and we welcome your suggestions for keeping him or her safe and well at school. I invite you to contact me with ideas for promoting your student’s well being, and anticipate with you a successful school year.