• Nurses Office Information
    Please notify the nurse about any special medical needs or conditions prior to the first day of school.  
    Following are the immunization requirements for incoming kindergarten students:
    4 doses if 4th dose was received on or after 4th birthday.  If 4th dose is received before 4th birthday (even one day before), 5 doses are needed.
    3 doses if 3rd dose was received on or after 4th birthday.  If 3rd dose was received before 4th birthday, 4 doses are needed.
    2 doses; any dose given before 1st birthday does not count.
    1 dose or history of chickenpox disease (form to be completed)
    Hepatitis B
    Series of 3 immunizations. 1st dose, then 2nd dose one month after; 3rd dose 4-6 months after 2nd dose.
    Any students planning on getting immunizations over the summer must show documentation prior to attendance that school year.  No student will be allowed to start school until all immunizations are complete.  
    Any medication prescribed by the physician must be in the original bottle with the prescription on it.  All medications must be in original bottle.