PVSchools quick facts

About PVSchools

  • Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVSchools) is located in 98-square miles of northeast Phoenix and north Scottsdale in an area bounded by 7th Avenue and Pima Road, and Northern Avenue and Jomax Road.
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    Our Schools

    PVSchools has 30 elementary schools, seven middle schools for 7th and 8th grades, and five high schools for grades 9-12 grade, two alternative schools and one comprehensive online school.
    • All elementary schools include free full-day kindergarten
    • High schools offer dual-enrollment and college credits
    • PVOnline, an accredited online instructional provider, offers courses for grades 1-12. A student may attend school entirely online and still participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities with the school located within their school boundaries.  
    • At each level—elementary, middle and high school—the district has Title 1 schools

    The district also offers preschool, Gifted preschool, night classes and Special Education services, plus a range of premier programs.

    Student population

    The district serves approximately 31,500 students with about one-third of them open enrolled from outside the district or outside their home school boundaries via open enrollment.

    Instruction and support staff

    The district is one of the largest employers in the north Valley with approximately 3,800 employees. Staff includes:

    • Highly qualified teachers. 
    • School nurses, full time, at all of our schools.
    • Licensed certified professionals such as school psychologists, speech pathologists and other professionals dedicated to supporting the whole child.
    • Educational Support Professionals. District operations are supported by professionals in many areas including IT, transportation, nutrition and business operations.

    Academic programs

    Most of our schools feature premier programs or specialties unique to each school to provide a wide variety of choice, no matter your student's journey.

    Parent involvement

    The district is committed to parent involvement, including volunteering in classrooms or for special events, working on school councils which help advise principals, Parent Teacher Organizations and involvement with the United Parent Council, a coalition of PTO members from all schools in the district. The district and schools provide email, text and phone updates on important matters to keep parents informed.


  • Our Schools

    Our schools are routinely recognized for excellence by organizations such as US News and World Report and Newsweek. In addition, PVSchools can be found on the prestigious list A+ Schools of Excellence named by the Arizona Education Foundation and the Higher Performing list prepared by the Arizona Business and Education Coalition.

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    Our Students

    Each year, we have students recognized as National Merit Scholars and as winners in state and national academic competitions for science, math, engineering, agriculture, forensics, as well as for individual and team athletic championships.

    Our District

    The district has been recognized for excellence in financial reporting, as an outstanding community partner and for its forward-thinking architectural standards and energy management plans.