• Welcome to the Health Office at Desert Shadows Elementary   

    The purpose of this page is to provide information to parents and guardians to keep Desert Shadows a healthy and safe place to learn. 

    Please let me know if your child has strep throat, pink eye, or any other 
    communicable situation. I will then alert the classroom so the rest of the parents can monitor their children and keep them HOME before coming to school and infecting the entire class.
    Thank you for your continued support!
    Requirement of Immunizations for students entering kindergarten
    Students entering kindergarten need to have all age appropriate immunizations completed by the 1st day of classes, and/or by the student's 5th birthday.
    Requirements of Immunizations for 11 yr. old students

    Students that are 11 years old are required by Arizona State law 
    to receive a Tdap and Meningitis immunization. Any questions, please 
    call me at 602-449-6903
    Students with life-threatening food allergies

    On behalf of the DShES kids with life-threatening food allergies, we would appreciate keeping the allergens out of the classroom.

    Students with peanut allergy? No peanut butter crackers for snack please. The child will appreciate not needing the nurse to run at them with a needle. 

    The best way to decrease illness? Wash Your Hands!
Nurse Hana and Mr Bones