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    Signature Program - Community Outreach

    Pinnacle High School is committed to being an active member of the surrounding community. As such there will be an umbrella signature program known as Community Outreach which will include all of the “School to Work Experiences” including teacher academy, child development, our vocational/business integrated curricular approach as well as traditional community service opportunities for students. The thematic concept of Community Outreach enables students to select one area for emphasis and several elective classes and clubs that would support them in that endeavor. The classes are designed to teach students to take the responsibility for providing attention and service to their surrounding school community.


    • Students will gain an appreciation for giving their personal time and attention to various community agencies.
    • Students will gain an understanding of the skills, concepts and attitudes necessary to be a contributor to the larger school community.
    • Students will be given a hands-on opportunity to experience service from a student perspective as well as a provider perspective.

    Related Courses

    025 Introduction to Business
    052 Retailing/School Store 
    054 Computer Applications and Projects 1-2
    061 Entrepreneurship/Marketing 1-2
    063 Entrepreneurship/Marketing 3-4
    071 Business Internship COOP
    072 Business Internship COOP
    141 Newspaper Production
    255 Culinary Arts 1-2
    256 Culinary Arts 3-4
    257 Culinary Arts 5-6
    278 Teacher Academy
    279 Education Practicum
    325 Graphic Design 1-2
    326 Graphic Design 3-4
    350 Graphic Design 5-6
    627 Photography 1-2
    628 Photography 3-4
    835 Psychology — Human Mind
    836 Psychology — Understanding Self