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    Regular attendance is an essential part of your child’s learning process and it is key in their pursuit of a quality education.

    Students should be out of school only when absolutely necessary since much of the classroom activity cannot be made up. The benefit of lectures, discussion, and participation is lost forever to those who are absent. Attendance is the responsibility of both the students and parents. 

    When do I call if my child is absent?
    A parent must call the day of absence. If no call is received, the attendance office will call home that evening using the auto-dialer to your home n number. A parent must call within 24 hours of the absence to excuse the absence. (For example, if son or daughter is absent on a Monday, we need a call by 2:00 PM on Tuesday).

    What happens if there is no call to excuse the absence by 2:00 PM?
    The absence becomes unexcused or marked as a truancy. If a student accumulates four truancies and is under 16 years old, they may be cited into C.U.T.S. and fined a $50 assessment fee. Students over 16, may be dropped with a failing grade and placed in an alternative class. Students will not be given credit for work missed during truancies.

    How many excused absences can a student have?
    A student can accumulate nine excused absences per semester. Any additional absences after nine will require a doctor’s excuse or note and is considered excessively absent. If no note is given, the absence turns into a truancy and after four truancies, the student may lose credit in that class. Credit will not be given for work missed when a student is marked truant.

    How do I know how many absences my child has incurred? Call one of the attendance lines listed above. They are available 24 hours a day. Monitor your child’s attendance and timeliness online by logging into Infinite Campus. Verify the number our automated dialer uses to call home for school communication. Please call the Attendance Office above, before there is a problem. 

    What happens if my child is late for their first-hour class?
    School begins at 7:30 AM If your child arrives after 7:30 AM and before 7:40 AM your child is to go straight their first-hour class. This does NOT excuse them from being tardy. The only acceptable excuses for tardies are medical, legal, or dental. Parent phone calls will not excuse the tardy. If your child arrives after 7:40 AM they are marked absent and sent to class. Consequences for first-period tardies will be issued by their teachers and students will be expected to attend lunch detention on the day of the tardy. After the 4th first hour tardy, a meeting with the Dean of Students will take place and other consequences may include ISS or after school detentions. SMHS does not excuse late arrivals. In the case of a late bus, students will be given a pass to class without penalty.

    How does the tardy policy work for classes other than first-hour class? 
    Students have seven minutes to get to class. If they are late, they report to class and are marked tardy. The Dean of Students will run a weekly report to determine the students who have been tardy 10% of the week. Those students will meet with the Dean of students and will earn a consequence. If students arrive ten minutes after the tardy bell without a pass, they will be marked truant. Truancy consequences then apply