• PVSchools Festival Sports Program                             

    2017-2018   Co-ed Track and Field


    10/30 Sport Begins

    11/16 Practice track meet

    12/2 Festival @ Shadow Mountain High School

    Practice Track Meet

    Time:  4:30–8:30 pm    (start & stop times are approximate)

    November 16th @ Horizon HS Desert Shadows, Pinnacle Peak , Sunrise

    November 16th @ North Canyon HS Greenway, Shea, Vista Verde

    November 16th @ Pinnacle HS   Explorer, Mountain Trail


    Festival Track Meet

    December 2nd @ Shadow Mountain HS All 8 middle schools

    7:45 a.m. Track athletes report to coaches at Shadow Mountain HS track

    8:00 a.m. Teams do group stretch and warm-up run

    8:15 a.m. Athletes report to field events and check-in

    8:30 a.m. Field events begin

    9:00 a.m. Running events begin Revised 9/19/17


    2017-2018 Girls’ Volleyball & Boys’ Football


    12/6    Sport begins             

    1/20    Festival @ Shadow Mountain High School

    Game Schedule Football  4:30 (7th grade), 8th grade after 7th

    Volleyball 4:30 (7th grade) &  5:30 (8th grade)      


    1/25   Mountain Trail@ Vista Verde

      Explorer@ Greenway

      Sunrise@ Desert Shadows

    Shea @ ***Pinnacle Peak


    2/6   Desert Shadows@ Explorer

      Greenway@ Mountain Trail

      Vista Verde@ Shea

    Sunrise@ ***Pinnacle Peak


    2/7   Sunrise@ Mountain Trail

      Desert Shadows@ Shea

      Greenway@ Vista Verde

    ***Pinnacle Peak@ Explorer


    2/8   Explorer@ Shea

      Sunrise@ Vista Verde

      Desert Shadows @ Greenway

    ***Pinnacle Peak@ Mountain Trail


    2/12   Greenway@ Sunrise

      Vista Verde@ Explorer

      Shea@ Mountain Trail

    Desert Shadows@ ***Pinnacle Peak


    2/13   Shea@ Greenway

      Mountain Trail@ Desert Shadows

      Explorer@ Sunrise

    Vista Verde@ ***Pinnacle Peak


    2/15   Vista Verde@ Desert Shadows   

    Shea@ Sunrise

      Mountain Trail@ Explorer

    ***Pinnacle Peak@ Greenway


    ***Pinnacle Peak games are 7th grade only and are played at Thunderbird Branch of Boys’ and Girls’ Club***    Revised 8/15/17

    Athletic Director, Jennifer Samuels
    Mrs. Samuels
    Athletic Director