PVSchools impact of state budget

Contact your elected officials

  • Contact your local law maker. Let them know how you feel about the impact of this budget on your child's education.
    Click on your child's school to access the contact details for your local legislators.

    Education Committee
    Sen. Kimberly Yee (Vice Chair)
    Phone: 602-926-3024
    Email: kyee@azleg.gov

    Rep. Paul Boyer (Chairman)
    Phone: 602-926-4173
    Email: pboyer@azleg.gov
    Gov. Doug Ducey
    Superintendent of Public Instruction
    Supt. Diane Douglas


Legislators - Elementary schools

Legislators - Middle schools

Legislators - High schools

    Have your say
    What you can do
    You are encouraged to contact your legislator to voice your concerns on how public education is funded in Arizona.
    You can access the legislature's Request to Speak system to make your voice heard on important bills impacting public education. Simply, email AAH@expectmorearizona.org with your first and last name and Expect More Arizona will set up an account on your behalf.
    Once you are able to log in to the Arizona State Legislature website, click on "New Request" on the left hand column, search either by the bill numbers or by selecting the Education Committee. When you see the bills listed, make sure to click "Add Request" to leave your comment.
    Do not forget to list your affiliation as a parent, community member or constituent when leaving your comment.