• Sixth Graders at Liberty have the opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime trip to Catalina Island, off the coast of California. Students are able to explore the wonderful island. They will experience the underwater gardens which are among the most beautiful in the world and the island environment is unusual and unique. Your child will embark upon a science adventure that will not only teach marine science and island ecology, but will stimulate curiosity for nature and become a treasured memory. The program consists of a series of activities that include snorkeling, oceanography, marine biology labs, and ocean kayaking.
  • Mrs. Safcik’s class is participating in their very own STEM club!  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Mrs. Safcik attended a conference sponsored by the Science Foundation of Arizona last summer and procured $700.00 to be used for STEM club activities.  Their “club” will focus on inquiry based learning, “maker projects,” and possibly Robotics.  Their first activity involved a videoconference with the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas where they learned about the history and forces of flight, and were issued the “Shoebox Challenge.”  Students had to work in groups to use a shoebox and whatever materials they chose to create a glider that would glide at least three meters.  Students had to calculate the Aspect Ratio and Glide Slope Ratio to figure out what would make their glider fly the farthest.  They presented their data to the NASA scientist during a second videoconference to analyze their results.  


    We are looking to expand the club in the coming years!



  • Grand Canyon
    Liberty fourth graders learn about the history and geography of Arizona.  At the end of the year we culminate our studies by taking an overnight trip to Grand Canyon National Park and Walnut Canyon near Flagstaff.  The students can experience first hand the weathering and erosion which has created the Grand Canyon.  They also learn about the geology and animal habitats in this area.  We spend time hiking into Walnut Canyon and discovering the ruins of the early Arizona people.  The Grand Canyon, one of the natural wonders of the world, provides the students with an exciting experience.
    Photo Credit: Al_HikesAZ via Compfight cc