I N T R O D U C T I O N

    My name is Officer Stocek and a I am the School Safety Officer assigned to this campus. As a part of the School Safety grant, I am required to instruct 180 classroom hours over the course of this academic year. In addition to this being a proactive approach to addressing issues on our campus, teaching will provide an opportunity for me to become more integrated into the school. 
     SRO I have 7 experience in law enforcement and I look forward to transferring that skill set into teaching Law-Related Education (LRE). Some of the topics that I am available to cover include the following: Bullying Internet safety drug awareness (6th grade) safety classes for the little ones I am also open to covering any type of LRE subject that you feel, as a teacher, needs to be addressed in your class.
    The lessons I bring to your classroom will support learning objectives, such as listening and problem-solving skills, and incorporate the LRE best practices of interactive teaching strategies and student-centered content. I would also like to get into every classroom as soon as possible,  so I can introduce myself to the students and explain my role here on campus. If you are interested in co-teaching one or more LRE lessons with me, please let me know. I would love to work with you to develop a list of teaching topics as well as available times and days that are convenient with your class schedule. I do not have a school email yet so feel free to email me at the address below or just simply find me on campus. Thank you!