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    PVSchools offer many opportunities for students Before / After School



    PVSchools Community Education Enrichment is a fee-supported program that offers affordable classes throughout the year based on student interests. The goal is to provide opportunities for youth to pursue those interests, expand their abilities and talents, and improve their social skills in an informal, fun, and safe environment.

    Classes are offered for students grades K-12 on evenings, weekends, and during the day throughout the summer. From sports camps to martial arts, dance, arts & crafts and gymnastics, Community Education Enrichment has something for everyone!

    Mascot Clubs and Mascot Camps 

    Mascot Clubs and Mascot Camps meet the needs of families in the Paradise Valley Unified School District by providing a safe and fun place for children to be before school, after school, on recess days and during summer.  The program of activities is rich and varied.  Using the theory of multiple intelligences as a philosophical basis, activities are offered to cultivate children's talents and interests in many diverse areas.  Our lesson plans are aligned with the AZ Center for After School Excellence.  
    Students do much more than play games on the computers; they create music and are producing their own drawings and writing using the latest software. Science experiments help make the physical world comprehensible.  Multi-cultural food, games and crafts bring other countries closer.  History comes alive as the children listen to music from earlier times or play games that their parents and grandparents played.  Working as a group they may put on a talent show, open their own lemonade stand or publish a newspaper for their friends.  
    Mascot Clubs are active places with many choices.
    Registration for Mascot Clubs and Camps is accepted in-person only at our Community Education offices at 15032 N 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85032.
    Students will be able to attend Mascot Clubs and Camps three business days after the date of registration in our offices.  
    21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) Grants strive to build and sustain out of school time learning opportunities that provide academically enriching youth development, while engaging families to be active partners in their child’s success.
    After the Bell- 21st Century Community Learning Center programs are currently in 6 Paradise Valley Unified School District elementary schools and 1 high school. For a list of current participating schools, please visit our After The Bell home page.
    Our department is committed to offering high quality extended day learning opportunities for students and their families.

Mascot Childcare Program Sites map

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    Community Education

    Enrichment Staff

    April Moloney
    Enrichment Program Manager
    Robin Weaver
    Enrichment Program Technician
    Vicky Raymond
    Distance Learning Program Manager


    Community Education

    Childcare and Early

    Childhood Staff

    Kimberly Yates
    Community Ed. Support Teacher
    Jennifer Kelly
    Childcare Coordinator


    21st CCLC "After The Bell"

    Before- & After-School

    Program Staff

    Tanya Clark
    21st CCLC Grant Lead
    "After The Bell"