You need to bring in the following items before you meet with a counselor for a registration appointment. This information can be faxed to Denise Souder, Counseling Secretary at 602-449-6006.

    Immunization records
    By state law, no student can be registered without an immunization history and all immunizations must be current.
    During registration, if a student arrives without the proper paperwork verifying vaccine compliance, he/she will not be allowed to complete the registration process.
    Students who arrive on the first day of school without documented proof of immunization compliance may be given a one-day schedule. Suspension for these students will commence on the second day and will continue until verifiable proof is presented to the school nurse at which time students will be given their permanent schedules and allowed to return to classes.
    Proof of residency within Horizon's boundaries
    Our district will only accept one of the following:
    utility bill
    rental/lease agreement
    purchase/escrow agreement
    annual tax statement
    driver's license
    property tax bill
    W-2 wage statement
    payroll stub
    bank or credit card statement
    documentation from federal, state or tribal agency
    Birth certificate
    By state law, this must be submitted within 30 days of registration.

    Custody papers when applicable

    Report cards from 7th and 8th grade if entering grade 9, or an unofficial transcript if entering grades 10-12.

    Withdrawal papers from the previous school indicating classes and grades when transferring to Horizon during the school year.

    If transferring from within the state of Arizona, please provide us with AIMS test results.

    If transferring from outside of Arizona, please provide the name of your state's test and your student's scores (if applicable). This is the test specific to your state's standards.

    NOTE: Students who transfer may not be eligible to compete in athletics upon entering Horizon. Please call the Athletic Department at 602-449-6023 if you have questions about athletic eligibility.