E4 = Effort and Excellence Everyday for Everyone! 
    VV courtyard
                The adopted vision of both Paradise Valley Unified School District and Vista Verde Middle School is “to set high standards for student achievement in a college-ready environment that instills a sense of community.  All students will acquire a thirst for learning through challenging and engaging content that is crafted to propel them into the 21st century, confident, poised and prepared with skills that will endure the test of time and ensure individual excellence and success.  We believe:

    ALL students can achieve, and ALL means ALL.

    The individual student is our main focus.

    The highest quality educators guarantee the highest quality education.

    Parents are partners and valued resources in the educational process.

    A global mindedness is essential for students.

    Technology plays a critical role in the lives and success of our students.

    Community and business partnerships are essential.”

                The mission of both PVUSD and Vista Verde is to “cultivate, lead, and inspire world-class, innovative thinkers and expert communicators through a focus on the relationship between educator and student built around challenging, meaningful, and engaging curriculum.”

                At Vista Verde, we have also adopted a school-wide learner profile, which details the character traits we expect all learners to exhibit, understanding that this character development takes time.  We expect Vista Verde learners to be: 

    learning-risk takers