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    School Health Program

    Roadrunner has an on-site nurse to provide first aid, maintain records, assist in special education programs and screen for diseases of the eyes, ears and teeth. The role of the school nurse is to collaborate with the educators to:

    • assess and evaluate the health and development of students
    • be the health care liaison to the student
    • counsel, educate and find resources to assist in students' health care
    Communication between school and home is critical to ensure the health of the students.
    Parents should inform the school whenever there is a health situation with their child. It is critical that we all make every effort to avoid spreading disease in the schools.
    We ask that parents use the following guidelines to help control communicable diseases in the school community:
    Do not send your child to school if they show signs of illness. Keep the ill child home for their safety, as well as the safety of others.
    Some signs and symptoms of acute illness are: restlessness at night, fever, sore throat, runny nose, rash, nausea, diarrhea, red watery eyes, flushed face, headache and swelling on the face.
    A child must be fever free 24 hours before returning to school.
    The State Department requires that a child remain home a specified time following a communicable disease. Therefore, a brief phone call to the nurse will ensure a student’s re-admittance after such an illness.
    Students may be sent home if the school nurse feels that they are too ill to continue in school. We would expect that the parent or an emergency contact authorized by the parent would be available to pick up the child in a timely fashion.
    We recognize that many students have minor aches and pains quite often. We will work with each situation individually to ensure that students are not sent home prematurely or unnecessarily or that students are kept in school inappropriately.
    Immunizations of students are the responsibility of the parents. Each child must have documentation of complete immunizations for their age before they will be enrolled in Roadrunner School. Immunization requirements are governed by the Arizona Department of Health. Visit the AZ Health web page to learn the requirements and download forms. These records will be kept at the Roadrunner Health Office.
Please visit our district's nurse's page for more information.