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    Students can become elected officers in Pinnacle's Student Government (STUGO).  Elections for Freshman are held in the fall and elections for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are held in the spring. Pinnacle's STUGO is responsible for organizing homecoming and hoopcoming, along with various community drives.  
    Our teacher sponsor for STUGO is Alyson Sheinson
  • Student Life

    Students at Pinnacle have a variety of opportunities to get involved and explore their interests. In addition to our wide variety of student clubs & organizations, our Athletics and Fine Arts programs provide opportunities for involvement.  

Pinnacle Student Achievements

  • Pinnacle Theatre Company, Troupe 6565, competed at the Northern AZ Festival of Theatre and brought home many honors.  The cast of the one act SPAR, who will be representing the state of AZ at the International Festival this summer, brought home another "Superior" rating.  

    Students who were involved include:
    Izzy Deveaux
    Elena Patterson
    Reece Honesty
    Ben Levy
    Alex Blackwell
    Emma Gaisor
    Matt Walker
    Maddie Benson
    Boa Sowers
    Meghan van Dobben
    Annie Washington
    Caroline Meili
    Bre Miller
    Griffin Wilson
    Matthew Benjamin
    Sam Gersner
    Devyn Storholm

    We also had many students qualify to compete this summer at the International Festival in individual events. Their names are listed below:

    Matt Stone
    Vanessa Cavinesse
    Trissy Winters
    Alisha Chrisitansen
    Alyssa Puleri
    Bridgitte Cote
    Kennedy Conlon
    Maddie Stewart
    Dan Haub
    Veda Thomas
    Mickey Navarro
    Gillian Sanchez
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