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Emergency planning information and links
Homework Policy
If a student is absent it is up to the student to email the teacher on their pvlearners account or check the teacher's website for assignments.
Long term assignments are expected to be turned in on the due date given even if a student is absent that day. The student needs to make arrangements to get this assignment turned in on the due date.
Enrollment- 2300 (grades 9-12)
Mascot- Husky
Colors- Green and Gold
Accreditation & Membership
Advanced Education (North Central Association)
Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA)
Post High School Placement
62% Four Year University
37% Community or Technical College
1% Military or Other 
Student Demographics
Asian                           4%
Black                           2%
Hispanic                      12%
Native American         less than 1%
Caucasian                   78%
College Testing Mean
Composite      29                     19.7         21.0
Verbal/Reading       610                  519              495
Math                        620                  525               511
Writing                    600                  500               484 
Restricted Areas on Campus
Students need to be aware of the restricted areas on and around the campus. These are the areas that are off-limits to students except during supervised instructional periods:
1. Athletic fields and bleachers
2. All parking lots
3. Neighborhoods immediately adjacent to school
4. Sidewalk along Greenway Road, Nisbet Road or 56th Street
5. Custodial Area
6. Power station
Disciplinary action will be taken when found in an off-limits area. These areas will receive the same consequence as being off-campus. Passes to parking lots or vehicle must be obtained from the office of an administrator.