Greenway Middle School

  • A great place for students to learn and grow.
    See for yourself today. 
    As children make the big leap to middle school, parents want to know how their children will be challenged to learn, and what kind of influences there will be in their children’s lives.

    Face it: at this stage, students spend many hours at school where they form friendships that are especially important as they continue growing and gaining experience away from home. At Greenway Middle School, we focus on both the academics and the environment. We are proud of our student body and the attitudes they bring to learning and relationships. They are good students and good people. We encourage you to find out for yourself. To know what Greenway Middle School is really like, read what we have to offer, find out
    why parents choose our school through open enrollment and plan a campus visit. We know you’ll be impressed and confident that Greenway is a great place for students to prepare for high school and beyond.
    Discover how Greenway Middle School is a great place to learn and grow.
    To schedule a campus visit, call 602-449-2400.

Vision and Mission

  • Vision
    The vision for Greenway Middle School is, first and foremost, to foster academic and personal success by creating a culture of respect and rigor, and placing high value on personal responsibility. Effective and timely communication is recognized as being a fundamental key to helping staff members, parents and students find success. Our efforts and ideas will be brought together and be implemented through an active collaborative process that involves the community we swerve, the students we teach, and the member of "The Pride Resides Here" staff.

    Greenway Middle School's mission is to challenge our students to reach their full potential and create a culture of excellence and respect for all.


    • Academic and Social Success
    • Culture of Respect for All
    • Personal Responsibility
    • Timely Communication with Parent
    • Collaboration
    • Academic Team Concept