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    Attention: K-12 students and parents of students!

    Do you need some extra support with your homework? The National Honor Society students of PVSchools provide online tutoring for any subject area and grade level! Please join us this year as we also welcome students needing tutoring throughout Arizona, and beyond.
    The online technology uses two-way audio/video (optional) and a unique solution of screen sharing.  To help learn concepts, tools like drawing, text, shapes and colors can be annotated by both student and tutor on a virtual whiteboard, and/or web sites, files.
    To get started, you only need to follow the Three Easy Steps below. The first time you log on with your computer, a java file will be downloaded and installed. You will have to accept this download once and then you will be able to connect easily from then on. 

    Three Easy Steps:

    1. Log on to http://pvschools.webex.com between 3 and 7 pm, Monday - Thursday
    2. Join the "Online Tutoring" session
    3. Put your first name only, email address (optional), and the password "I-pad"  

    Upon connecting, you'll be greeted by a PVSchools certificated teacher, who will place you in a breakout room with your NHS/FROST tutor. Enjoy learning....

    Video on logging in to NHS/FROST tutoring - http://goo.gl/K3C1Y

    Information or Questions, 

    email to nhs-tutoring@pvlearners.net