• Sandpiper Students Are SMART About ART!
    Students at Sandpiper receive 43 minutes of art instruction every 6th day of school.  During that time, students have the opportunity to engage in activities such as drawing, painting, art history, sculpture, printmaking, and crafts.  Art concepts are taught through activities based on the Elements of Art:  line, shape, color, texture, form, space and value.  
    Art instruction lends itself to integrating with other subject areas.  The purpose of these activities is to help students develop awareness of, and appreciation for, the skills in communicating through art, and a feeling of pride and satisfaction in their work.  Multicultural art activities are infused into the curriculum.  Art in the elementary school gives students the opportunity to develop an interest in art appreciation and to develop critical and creative thinking skills.
    Sandpiper's young artists just completed our annual fundraiser art project where families may purchase a variety of fun products featuring their child's very own artwork.  These projects can also be seen in April, when Sandpiper hosts the 2nd Annual Festival of Art!  This special event offers displays of student artwork, musical performances, and gourmet food.  It's an event you won't want to miss!