• Principal's Profile

    C Daly

    I am Cindy Daly, and I am very happy to serve as the administrator for PVOnline. My role is to work with students, parents, and staff to provide a supportive online learning environment that provides students flexibility with course selections and pacing.

    I have been a teacher and administrator in Michigan, Illinois, and Arizona (Sierra Vista, Tucson). I have been in the Paradise Valley School District since 1998. I taught English at North Canyon and worked in the Curriculum Department at the District Office for 12 years. I served as Director of Curriculum for six of those years.

    Our district is committed to providing choice for parents and students; PVOnline is one of many opportunities for students to become successful with their educational plan. Sometimes online learning is called "distance" learning. I am not fond of that term because it creates an image of separation, isolation, and detachment. We do not want that image for our school. Our identity is associated with words like flexible, supportive, and responsive. We are committed to working with students and parents to create a successful learning environment.

    Certain work habits, learning styles, and skills contribute to successful online learning and teaching. Online is not better or worse than face-to-face learning and teaching; it is different. We encourage parents and students to make an informed choice when choosing PVOnline.