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    Important timeline for students:
    Freshman Year: In collaboration with your parents and counselor, create a “four year plan” using the form in your "Guide to Pride" issued the first week of classes. We encourage you to choose classes that will challenge you and help you develop new skills. Think about volunteer opportunities and get involved on campus to explore your interests, make new friends and begin to build your resume.
    Sophomore Year: Take the PSAT, which is provided free of charge for all Sophomores. The results give you important information to use as you choose classes and explore your interests. Think about summer jobs or ways to volunteer so you can explore career options and learn more about your strengths and interests.
    Junior Year: Take the PSAT/NMSQT in October. Research programs and prospective schools or colleges. Gather information about college costs and student aid. Tour college campuses and talk to college representatives and others about your career interests. Update your resume. Use Method Test Prep or online test prep tools in Family Connection. Check with your counselor to make sure you have all the classes you need for graduation and opportunities after high school. Take SAT or ACT pre-tests. Look for summer jobs or internships. If you are working, be sure to balance school and the demands of your job. Make school a priority. 
    Senior Year: Meet with your guidance counselor. Register for ACT or SAT tests. Tour campuses and talk with college representatives. Take ACT or SAT tests. Share your resume as you ask for and secure letters of recommendation. Narrow down your list of colleges or programs to five to ten schools. Get a head start on the FAFSA by visiting the Federal Student Aid website. Create an early application and have your test scores sent to the colleges on your shortlist. Be familiar with all deadlines. Keep in contact with your guidance counselor. 

    Career and Technical Education Programs

    • Agriscience/Aquaculture, landscape design, ag science, urban gardening
    • Industrial Technology - Automotives, Woodworking, Welding, Precision Manufacturing - Use state of the art equipment; start a business, design projects and deliver products to customers
    • Information Technology - A+ and Networking certification, marketing/entrepreneurship, GENYES, Computer Science
    • Family and Consumer Science - culinary arts, fashion design, child development, teacher academy
    • Health Care Pathways - Health care science, health care pathways, health care assistant opportunities
    • Graphic Design, Photography, TV/Film Production, Sound Engineering- digital photography, page layouts, photos, advertising and TV and Film production for careers
    • Visit the CTE website for more information!


    Check out the Counseling page for more information. 
    And remember--when you leave PVHS--you’ll be ready to go out and change the world! PV PRIDE prepares you for success!