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    PV Partners - Deals for Kids flier partnership program

    eBackpack The PV Partners Flier Partnership Program allows business and community partners to share information about services and products of interest to students and their families. 


    Flier Partnership Program

  • Sunrise Student Council

    Sponsor: Teachers, Tammy Newell & Ruben Lewin

  • Yearbook

    Pre-order your 2017-18 Yearbook

    The sunrise yearbook is produced each year by the 8th grade yearbook class and is a great way for students to remember their middle school experience. The price is $40.00. Only a limited number of yearbooks are available for sale and it is likely they will sell out. We encourage you to pre-order your yearbook early. Any available yearbooks will be sold on campus during the last week of school on a first come, first served basis.

  • Student Advisor

    Rosemary Johnson is the Sunrise Student Advisor. She is one of the most accessible adults on campus providing services to support students through the middle school years.

    Ms. Johnson is located in the Student Resource Center inside the office. She is available to students throughout the academic day as well as during their lunch break. Your child's teacher should be your first contact regarding grading, homework, and general adjustment issues. Ms. Johnson is available to assist students with school related social and academic issues as the need arises. She works in conjunction with parents and staff to provide the best possible middle school experience. Students are welcome to see Ms. Johnson with any questions or concerns.

    Ms. Johnson may be reached by calling our office at 602-449-6100 or by email at: rojohnson@pvschools.net.

  • Dress Code

    All students are expected to abide by all aspects of the student dress code:

    • Any clothing that is deemed by the school administration to be inappropriate or disruptive to the learning environment may not be worn to school. 
    • Shirts must cover the hips with no midriff or back skin showing at any time. 
    • Any attire that is sexually suggestive, exposing cleavage, or extremely brief and/or tight, is prohibited.
    • Any clothing allowing undergarments to show is not permitted. 
    • Tank tops, double tank tops, backless blouses, tube tops, halter tops, torn and/or cut garments, and sheer garments are not permitted. 
    • Tops or dresses with spaghetti straps are not permitted.
    • All students must wear shirts with sleeves.
    • Shorts, skirts, and skorts should reach the end of the fingertips when arms are relaxed at the side.
    • State law mandates that shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals may not be worn on the basketball courts or during P.E.
    • Hats or headwear of any kind are not allowed. This includes bandanas and scarves. 
    • Pants should be of the appropriate size and not reveal undergarments or skin. No sagging.
    • Garments promoting alcohol, illegal substances, tobacco, sexual connotations, weapons, inappropriate language, violence, and/or any other content deemed inappropriate by the administration are not permitted.
    • Sleepwear is not appropriate for school attire. Pajama bottoms and slippers may not be worn to school.
    • Face and/or tongue piercings are discouraged.
    • Hairstyles and/or hair colors which draw undue attention and cause disruption are not acceptable. Unnatural hair colors are discouraged.
    • Any garments and/or jewelry with straps, spikes, chains, etc. are considered a safety hazard, inappropriate for school wear, and are not permitted.

    Students wearing any of the above items need to change and will be given appropriate clothing to finish the school day. Students need to remember that this is their work-place and, therefore, attire needs to be appropriate for work! Decisions as to appropriate dress rests with the school administrators. The dress code is in effect at all school events, regardless of the time of day, including, but not limited to: school dances, sports activities, NJHS induction, concerts, and all afternoon and evening performances.