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The North Valley Arts Academies at Shea

  • Whether your child is passionate about dance, theater, creative musicianship and music technology or visual arts, PVSchools offers an outlet for your child to express his or her creative passions, with a seamless continuation from elementary school through high school. PVSchools offers the first fully integrated arts education programs in the Northeast Valley at Desert Cove Elementary School, Shea Middle School and Shadow Mountain High School.

    At Shea Middle School, where students will receive daily instruction in one of the four signature programs:

    • dance
    • theater
    • creative musicianship and music technology
    • visual arts

    Classes are taught in addition to the core curriculum and specialized programs offered, including AVID and CORE Knowledge.

About the programs

  • The Dance track will help students develop the necessary skills and techniques to be a successful dancer. Students on the Creative Musicianship and Music Technology track will explore the development and production of sound. While students on the Theater track will be exposed to the ins and outs of the theater world. Visual Arts students will have the opportunity to learn from visiting artists and will explore cross collaboration between art forms.

    This middle school program will prepare students for continued success in the high school program.

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