District Home
Shea Middle School Counseling Center

Mrs. Fierstein is here to help, and help she does in a multitude of ways. Some of the services she provides are:

Peer Tutoring
Support Groups
Tutoring referral sources
Counseling Referral sources
Registration (6th, 7th, 8th, & high school)
Parent/student/teacher conferences
504 accommodation plans
Student conflict resolution
Academic, personal, social and career counseling
Prevention program facilitation
Promoting school pride and community involvement
AIMS testing
Identifying students at risk and evaluating through SST process
Character Education
Support of the Anti-Bullying Programs and activities
PVUSD Academic Services
Hi, I'm Linda Fierstein, and our resident enthusiastic counselor/student advisor.  I am one of the most accessible adults on our campus providing services to support students through the middle school years.
I spend much of my day helping students face challenges, tough classes, peer pressure, friendship problems, depression and more - all that can be roadblocks to a successful school year.  I work in conjunction with parents and staff to provide the best possible middle school experience.  I've been at Shea for 25 years and it continues to be a great place to be!