• Behavior Expectations

    The Paradise Valley Unified School District places high priority on providing each student with the opportunity to learn within a safe and stimulating environment. For this reason, the Governing Board accepts the responsibility of identifying those behaviors, which, if allowed to exist without restrictions and appropriate disciplinary action, would interfere with the orderly conduct of our public schools. Furthermore, the governing board charges the professional staff with the responsibility for enforcing the rules of conduct, establishing consistency in their enforcement, and maintaining an appropriate learning and behavior environment.

    The Paradise Valley Unified School District's Parent/Student Handbook is available online through our district website: https://www.pvschools.net/Page/3194 Please read the handbook with your student. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the front office at 602.449.2300.

    The faculty and staff of Sweetwater takes pride in creating and maintaining an environment, which is conducive to learning. Students are expected to behave appropriately and follow all school rules, policies and all directions of staff both on campus and at school-sponsored activities. All school rules and policies apply to our school property; including the parking lots . State law provides the school administration jurisdiction over student conduct at all times during the school day and/or during school activities. This includes the period traveling between home and school.