• Health Office

    The health office hours are 8:45am to 3:45pm. It it closed P.3 and P.8 for prep and lunch (except for emergencies).


    Students are not allowed to carry medications on their person except inhalers, and that is only with a doctor's note on file in the nurse's office. These notes need to be renewed each year

    Students may not carry over the counter medications such as cough drops, or sore throat lozenges. These may only be given by the nurse. If a student has them at school, they need to drop them off to the nurse at the beginning of the day.

    Over the counter medication forms may be filled out by a parent anytime throughout the school year for the nurse to be able to give acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antacids or Benadryl without calling a parent. Forms can be found to the left under Medical Forms. 


    PE excuses may be given with a parent note for a total of 3 days per semester, any longer will require a doctor's note.  


    Please remind your students to come to the Health Office to be assessed by the nurse if not feeling well. Do not have them text or call you first. By following this procedure it allows the nurse to monitor any illnesses that are prevalent in the school community. There are many ways to help your child feel better without having them go home. If they need to go home the nurse will call you. We appreciate your help with this matter.

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