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  •  7th Grade Academics:

    Adkins, Susan- ELA/Social Studies                                          sadkins@pvlearners.net 
    Bailey, Mari-    ELA                                                                            mabailey@pvlearners.net
    Bennett, Beau- Social Studies                                                   bebennett@pvlearners.net
    Gomez, Lauren- Social Studies/Honors Core                  lgomez@pvlearners.net
    Jerome, Eric- Science/Honors Core                                      ejerome@pvlearners.net 
    Krauel, Anna- ELA/ AVID Elective                                         akrauel@pvlearners.net 
    Love, Kyra- ELA/Honors Core                                                  kylove@pvlearners.net
    McFoy, Taryn- Math Concepts                                                 tmcfoy@pvlearners.net 
    Odiorne, Patty- Science                                                               podiorne@pvlearners.net 
    Pulaski, Ernest- SEI                                                                         epulaski@pvlearners.net 
    Rasich, Tina- Science/ Career and Life Links                   trasich@pvlearners.net 
    Riccio-Sookdeo,Teresa- Math                                                  triccio@pvlearners.net 
    Stiak, Amy- Math                                                                             astiak@pvlearners.net

    8th Grade Academics: 

    Colgan, Molly- ELA/Honors Core                                        mcolgan@pvlearners.net 
    Daukei, Kaycee- Math                                                                                      kdaukei@pvlearners.net
    Litto, Francesca                                                                              mlitto@pvlearners.net
    Mastropolo, Patti- ELA                                                              pmastropolo@pvlearners.net
    Mittelstedt, Kori - Math                                                            kmittelstedt@pvlearners.ne
    Saragosa, Jean- ELA                                                                    jsaragosa@pvlearners.net
    Saragosa, Rafael- Social Studies/AVID Elective         rsaragosa@pvlearners.net


    Diefenderfer, Ryan- Band/Orchestra                             rdifenderfer@pvlearners.net 
    Egley, Marisa- Media Specialist/AVID                            megley@pvlearners.net
    Fawthorpe, Stacy- Spanish                                                   sfawthorpe@pvlearners.net 
    Hannah, Christopher- Boys PE                                          channah@pvlearners.net 
    Jenkins, Kenneth- Tech Lab                                                 kjenkins@pvlearners.net
    Kmetko, Shani- Girls PE/Athletic Director                 skmetko@pvlearners.net
    Layton, Julianne- Chorus                                                       jlayton@pvlearners.net
    Rasich, Tina- Career and Life Links                                 trasich@pvlearners.net
    Steimle, Ken- Art                                                                        ksteimle@pvlearners.net

    Inclusion and Support Staff:

    Anderson, Laura- Psychologist                                          lauanderson@pvlearners.net
    Cristina-Krebs, Jill- Speech Pathologist                    jcristinakrebs@pvlearners.net 
    Reader, Randi- Special Education                                 rreader@pvlearners.net 
    Snider, Diane- Para Pro                                                       dsnider@pvlearners.net 
    Thumma, Linda- Para Pro                                                   lthumma@pvlearners.net 


    Allen, Josh- SRO                                                                     josallen@pvlearners.net
    Bey, Ana Laura- Office Clerk                                          abey@pvlearners.net 
    Boyer, Diane- Administrative Assistant                   dboyer@pvlearners.net
    Chan, Deeann- ATB                                                              dchan@pvlearners.net
    Cocco, Heidi- Literacy Coach                                         hcocco@pvelarners.net
    Glickstein, Carly- Social Worker                                  cglickstein@pvlearners.net
    Haley, Lupita- Counselor                                                   luhaley@pvlearners.net
    Ishak, Abir- Cafeteria Manager                                    abishak@pvlearners.net 
    Loraso, Indra- Registrar                                                     iloraso@pvlearners.net
    McCarthy, Jodi- Media Tech                                           jomccarthy@pvlearners.net
    O'Neill, Kathy- Title 1 Specialist                                   koneill@pvlearners.net
    Ortiz, Edena- Campus Assistant                                   edortiz@pvlearners.net
    Rasmussen, Guy- Custodian                                           grasmussen@pvlearners.net
    Romano, Karen- Homeless Liason                               kromano@pvlearners.net                                     
    Samaniego, Isabel- Records Secretary                      isamaniego@pvlearners.net
    Shultz, Nancy- Arts Integration                                  nshultz@pvlearners.net
    Trotter, Genie- Registered Nurse                                gtrotter@pvlearners.net
    Villalobos, Martha- Campus Assistant                     mavillalobos@pvlearners.net