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Public Records

In PVSchools, we model character, equity, and ethical behavior in all we do. This is demonstrated by our commitment to being transparent in our communications and processes. 

It is PVSchools' policy to comply with the Arizona public records law in a timely, accurate, and complete manner.

Submit a Public Records request online

Public records not protected from disclosure will be made available upon request. Disclosure is not required where it is prohibited by law or court ruling, such as FERPA-protected information. A list of protected documents can be found on the Arizona Attorney General website

Fulfillment times vary depending on the location of the records and the type of information requested; PVSchools strives to fulfill requests within 20 business days, when possible. To reduce the amount of processing time, please be specific and detailed in requests for public information.

Due to staffing and a high volume of public records requests, fulfillment times may be delayed.

Transcripts and student records are not public records and should be requested by contacting the appropriate school or the PVSchools student records clerk.

Under ARS 39-121 a person who obtains a public record for a commercial purpose without indicating the commercial purpose or who obtains a record for a noncommercial purpose and uses or knowingly allows the use of such public record for a commercial purpose is liable to the state or the political subdivision from which the public record was obtained for damages in the amount of three times the amount which would have been charged for the public record had the commercial purpose been stated plus costs and reasonable attorney fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Authorized Public Records Staff

Matthew Droge


Sarah Hackett


PVSchools Marketing and Communications uses NextRequest to manage public records requests and often corresponds with requestors through the email address.

Contact the Marketing and Communications Department by phone at 602-449-2297.