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Community Legislative Network

In order to advocate for public education, PVSchools has formed a superintendent's committee to track bills related to public school districts.

This committee, made up of staff and community, meets regularly and works to promote public schools and public education in the state of Arizona. 

PVSchools legislative priorities include:

  • Advocate for continued local control of Arizona schools.

  • Advocate for policies that are in the best interests of students and staff.

  • Advocate for increased state funding to:
    o meet the real costs of educating Arizona’s public district students; o alleviate the Arizona teacher and staff employment crisis; and
    o address public district school infrastructure and capital needs.

  • Advocate for consistent fiscal transparency for all educational institutions that accept public funds.

  • Advocate for continued preservation of Arizona voter rights.

  • Oppose legislation that imposes unfunded mandates or mandates that negatively affect public school districts.

  • Oppose all tax credit legislation despite the benefits of the same.

  • Oppose legislation that may result in the direct or indirect use of public funds to support private schools (such as empowerment scholarship accounts, vouchers, or any program that legislates the same).


Troy Bales

Lisa Hoberg
Committee Chair

Kea Carota

Julie Blumenreich

Jessica Wani

Susan Chubrich Seep

Michelle Courtright

Josh Atkins

Greg Bauchmoyer

Marc Danner

Valerie Sepersky

Jill Barragan

Shaun Holmes

Mat Droge

Ryan DeMenna
DeMenna Public Affairs

Ilse Borquez
DeMenna Public Affairs

Hot Bills

The Hot Bills list is a collection of bills in process that the Community Legislative Network is paying close attention to.

Bill Tracking

The Bill Tracking list is a collection of bills in process that are being tracked or monitored by the Community Legislative Network.