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Writing Curriculum Adoption Committee

PVSchools currently is reviewing curriculum resources for a supplemental writing program supporting Grades K-12.

Each school site will have the opportunity to implement a specific writing curriculum rather than the general writing curriculum that is part of their approved ELA writing curriculum. The committee is looking for up to two supplemental programs, depending on the grade levels that vendors cover. 

Community Feedback

The committee has chosen NoRedInk Premium for the 7-12 writing program, and members are seeking community input on the program. NoRedInk provides an adaptive, mastery-based writing curriculum that is aligned with Arizona state standards, ACT, SAT, and AP Language standards. For more information, and to review the online curriculum, please view the attached materials. The 60-day viewing window is from June 10 to September 2, 2022. You may provide feedback by choosing the second link below.

View Online NoRedInk Materials

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In addition, the committee would like to approve two additional K-6 programs to add to the supplemental writing approved list. Although the district will not be purchasing these programs at this time, once approved, schools would be able to continue using them or purchase them in the future. Curriculum materials will be posted for community review from June 10 to September 2, 2022. The websites are linked below, and a limited selection of hard copy materials will be available in the District Administration Center lobby (get directions). You may provide feedback on these programs by choosing the second link offered here.

K-6 Curated Supplemental
Writing List Information

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