Virtual Program Information

Virtual High School Summer School is for students currently in grades 9 through 12. Current 8th-grade students (entering 9th-grade in the fall) may ONLY register for PE courses.

Academic Program Information

The virtual blended model will provide a three-week rigorous, inclusive learning opportunity for students to improve their GPA, accelerate academic progress, and obtain or recover high school credit to satisfy graduation requirements. This model will provide four hours of virtual face-to-face contact with teachers to support and keep all students engaged.

With this model, teachers and students will continue to use the hybrid, blended model and utilize the Google hangouts/meet platform and/or WebEx, with both attendance and grading expectations in place.

We realize that self-directed, online learning may not be the best fit for every student. In these courses, students will interact with their instructors on a daily basis during the 4-hour block. Services will also be provided to students who are currently receiving academic support.

A typical, virtual blended day may contain three to four lessons that transition between whole group instruction, independent practice, small group opportunities, and individual support. Teachers will adapt to meet the learning needs of their students to include curriculum and content adjustments as needed.

PE Program Information

PE courses will utilize an online curriculum that has been adapted to the summer program.

Teachers are hard at work developing additional ways in which they can lead students through physical activity or have students document physical activity as part of the class.

While we don’t have all the details in place at this time, please know that these courses will adhere to the expectations of the course as detailed in the PVSchools Course Catalog.

Attendance Expectation

Attendance is mandatory and students must be present for the four-hour time block. Attendance will be taken several times throughout the day.

Academic Expectation

Students must complete the coursework with a passing grade to obtain high school credit.

Behavior Expectation

Students will abide by the PVUSD/High School Code of Conduct, just as if they were attending in person.

Resources Needed

Students will need their district-issued laptop/Chromebook and/or a home laptop/computer device and internet service to access the online material. Parents and/or students will need to pick up any additional course material if needed at a date and location to be determined.