Summer High School Technology

Telecommunication and Network Resources

The district network is provided for students to conduct research and communicate with others in academic pursuits.

It is expected that students will comply with district standards. Beyond the clarification of such standards, the district is not responsible for restricting, monitoring or controlling the communications of individuals utilizing the network.

Acceptable uses of the Paradise Valley Unified School District electronic information resources include:

  • Being responsible, courteous, and polite
  • Using appropriate language
  • Honoring all rules and laws of copyright and personal property
  • Accepting full responsibility for the use of personal accounts
  • Researching assigned classroom projects
  • Sending and receiving electronic mail (email)
  • Exploring other authorized computer systems, libraries, databases, and bulletin boards

Network storage areas may be treated like school lockers. Network administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and ensure that users are using the system responsibly. Users should not expect that files stored on district servers will be private. During school, teachers are expected to guide students toward appropriate materials when using the Internet. Outside of school, families bear the same responsibility for guidance as they exercise with information sources such as television, telephones, movies, radio, and other potentially offensive media.

Summer School Cyber Etiquette

Consistent with Board policy and procedures on student discipline (5.4.2,,, copies of which are available in school offices, the following are not permitted:

  • Using obscene language
  • Harassing, insulting, or attacking others
  • Damaging computers, computer systems, or computer networks
  • Sending or receiving copyrighted materials without permission
  • Sending or displaying offensive messages or picture
  • Using another's password
  • Trespassing in another's folders, work, or files
  • Intentionally wasting limited resources
  • Employing the network for commercial purposes
  • Advertising or promoting events that are illegal or against school policy

Violations may result in a loss of access as well as other disciplinary or legal actions.