Community Education Parent FAQ

Is preschool programming included in the childcare that is referenced as care that will be available?

Our Gifted, Lil’ Pioneers, Little Cubs, Little & Mini Scholars, Montessori and our Title 1 preschool programs are closed as are the schools they are housed in. Programming is not available for students attending those programs.

My child attends a Community Ed program. Will I receive a refund for the time that the school has been closed?

We recognize you have paid for a service you are not receiving and will refund accordingly. At this time we are determining next steps to issue refunds. Due to the number of families who are in our programs, we anticipate a 6-8 week window of time to fully resolve all accounts.

I have registered my child for an Enrichment Class. Will I receive a refund?

Yes, following the guidelines above, we will work to process refunds and resolve accounts.

Now that Mascot Camp is closed, where can I find continued care for my child?

See this Continued Care letter from Community Education Director Natalie Wilcox.

Should I make my regularly scheduled April payment?

Please DO NOT make your April payment at this time. In addition, beginning in April, we have cancelled all auto payments that are typically scheduled to run.

Can I pay on a past due balance?

If you have a past due balance on your account that was due prior to March 1, 2020, you are able to make that payment to your account.

What about summer programming? Can we still register for summer programs?

At this time you can submit your application for Summer Mascot Camp only. However, we are not approving any summer contracts as we continue to monitor the situation. Due to the fluidity of the situation, we are holding all contracts in our queue so as to not activate a charge to your credit card. This does not mean that summer camp is full. It means that we are prioritizing and directing our efforts toward different areas at this time. Summer contract approval will resume as the situation allows.

I see enrichment classes on the website, but it will not let me register. Are the classes full?

These classes require payment at the time of registration. As the current situation is fluid, we have removed the ability to register to avoid a potential payment/refund process. Registration will be reinstated as soon as we have more definitive information as to how these classes will proceed.

How will I receive information from Community Ed regarding programming?

At this time we would ask that you continue to monitor your email to make certain you are receiving the most up-to-date information. You may also continue to refer to the PVSchools COVID-19 information page. We are working closely with our Communications Department throughout this process.