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Average Teacher Salary & Ratios

In PVSchools, the staff take pride in their ability to help students navigate the many journey of excellence by engaging, inspiring, and nurturing every learner through high-quality instruction, meaningful educational opportunities, and dynamic learning experiences.

PVSchools offers competitive pay, benefits, and more. Find out what it's like to work in paradise by applying today! 

Average Salaries

The following average teacher salary information is provided by the PVSchools Budget and Finance Department.

  • Average salary of all teachers employed in fiscal year 2024 (budget year): $58,783.09
  • Average salary of all teachers employed in fiscal year 2023 (prior year): $56,456.53
  • Increase in average teacher salary from prior year: $2,326.56
  • Percentage increase: 4.12%

(A.R.S. § 15-903E, Amended by Laws 2018, Ch.285, §10)

Proposed Staffing Ratios for Fiscal Year 2024

Setting Subsetting Grade Level

Student/Teacher Ratio

General Education   Kindergarten 25:1
General Education   1 28:1
General Education   2 29:1
General Education   3 30:1
General Education   4 32:1
General Education   5-6 33:1
General Education   7-8 27:1
General Education   9-12 29:1
Special Education Structured Autism K-12 6:1
Special Education Hybrid Cross-Cat K-12 12:1
Special Education Cross-Cat K-12 15:1
Special Education Resource K-12 25:1
Special Education Level 1 Self-Contained K-6 7.5:1
Special Education Level 1 Self-Contained 7-12 9:1
Special Education Level 2 Self-Contained K-12 6:1
Special Education Twice Exceptional K-6 6:1
Special Education Pathways Level 1 12+ 12:1
Special Education Pathways Level 2/3 12+ 8:1
Special Education Pathways Level 3 12+ 8:1