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Our mission is to increase student achievement through the provision of systemic innovative curricula characterized by standards and research-based educational programs that deliver effective and differentiated instruction in partnership with schools, parents, and our diverse community.

Core Knowledge

The Paradise Valley Unified School District currently has 10 Core Knowledge® schools, nine elementary and one middle school. These 10 schools use the Core Knowledge® Sequence as part of the curriculum. This sequence is a detailed outline of specific content to be taught in language arts, history, geography, mathematics, science, and the fine arts.

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The specific content in the Sequence provides a solid, coherent foundation of learning, while allowing flexibility to meet local needs. Schools using the Core Knowledge® Sequence guide content from grade to grade, designed to encourage steady academic progress as students build their knowledge and skills from one year to the next. The concept behind the Core Knowledge® Sequence is that knowledge builds on knowledge, from grade to grade. Core Knowledge® provides a core curriculum that is coherent, cumulative, and content-specific in order to help students establish strong foundations of knowledge, as they progress from grade to grade.

Elementary Core Knowledge® schools:

  • Boulder Creek
  • Desert Springs
  • Eagle Ridge
  • Fireside
  • Grayhawk
  • Mercury Mine
  • Pinnacle Peak
  • Sunset Canyon
  • Wildfire

Middle Core Knowledge® schools:

  • Mountain Trail Middle

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