PVCC College Navigation Specialist & Early College Programs

Paradise Valley Community College

PVCC College Navigation Specialists

PVCC (Paradise Valley Community College) provides PVSchools the support of two PVCC College Navigation Specialists. The specialists are shared throughout all our high schools, supporting students 9th through 12th grade. They provide students with PVCC enrollment information, college application assistance, FAFSA support, and early college program guidance.

PVCC College Navigation Specialist Information

Taylor Stupka


Mario MarquezGuerrero


Taylor Stupka

Mario Marquez

Schools of Service:

  • Horizon
  • Paradise Valley
  • Pinnacle


Schools of Service:

  • North Canyon
  • Shadow Mountain
  • Sweetwater
  • PVOnline
  • Sweetwater                

Contact Information:

Contact Information:

PVCC Early College Programs

ACE Program

PVCC ACE Program Direct Link


Student applicants must have one or more of the following characteristics to be eligible:

  • First member of the family to attend college
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Under-represented population and/or English Language Learner
  • Environmental risk factors (will be considered on case by case basis, for example, student raised in foster care, teen parent, etc.)

Application Process:

  • Applications are available in the high school counseling offices or at the PVCC Student Development Office.
  • Student must apply during their sophomore year in high school.
  • Student applications are due to high school counselors by December 15th.

Puma Early College Program

PVCC Puma Program Direct Link

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 2.6 GPA
  • Two letters of recommendation from a counselor or instructor from your school
  • Application
  • Short essay


  • Earn college and high school credit simultaneously.
  • Save money on college tuition and textbooks.
  • Reduce college completion time.
  • Eliminate duplication of coursework during the freshman year of college.
  • Scholarship available to those who meet income eligibility requirements.

Hoop of Learning

PVCC Hoop Program Direct Link

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Student must be an enrolled member of a federal/state-recognized tribe (or in the process of obtaining a census #).
  • Student are required to contact their High School counselor for approval.
  • Student must show proof of citizenship (CIB, or Birth Certificate).
  • Student must take assessment tests in Reading, Writing & Math.
  • Student must have a minimum 2.00 GPA in High School.
  • Student & Parent(s) must attend a mandatory orientation.