Journey Middle School Program

 Criteria for Admittance into Journey

  1. Gifted qualification at 97%ile+ in two areas: verbal, quantitative or non-verbal
  2. Gifted qualification at 97%ile+ in one area, AND 90%ile+ in one other area PLUS a principal recommendation
  3. IQ of 130 or higher

PLUS performing or highly performing in AzMerit reading and math in 2018-2019

Program Objective

To differentiate education based on the needs of the individual gifted learner, while keeping the students together in content blocks and immersing them in multiple modes of learning

  • Teachers work with students in small groups or individually based on their individual learning targets or students' strengths or weaknesses.

  • Students are given choices on how they demonstrate their knowledge.

  • Videos, WebQuests, research projects, choice boards, text-books, or other activities are available to impart knowledge to students.

  • Grouping is flexible and may also vary by student need and evidence.

  • Teachers facilitate blended learning environments by developing the units, orchestrating the modes of learning, and being a coach of the learning environment, encouraging students to reach their academic potential.

Journey Flyer and Application

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