Kindergarten Self-Contained Gifted and Talented

Note to Parents:

Please read about transitioning from the Gifted Preschool and Self-Contained Kindergarten into the Elementary programs.

See the testing and application process for Gifted Preschool and Self-Contained Kindergarten programs.

Parents must provide their own transportation; transportation is not provided.

Self-Contained Gifted Kindergarten classes are designed for high-achieving gifted and talented students. Students work beyond grade level with intellectual peers and are taught by teachers who are Early Childhood Certified and hold a Gifted Endorsement. Students in this specialized kindergarten also participate in the school’s special areas and are included in all grade-level activities and field trips.

  • Accelerated curriculum
  • Shared inquiry/Socratic questioning
  • Problem-based learning
  • Elements of reasoning
  • Technology integration
  • Emphasis on critical and creative thinking
  • Individualization
  • Core content/enrichment

Gifted kindergartners are also served in the Gifted Cluster classes.

Qualifications for Self-Contained Gifted Kindergarten

To qualify for theSelf-Contained Gifted Kindergarten program, students must have:

  • Scores (on a state-approved gifted test) of 97 percentile or higher in one of these three areas: verbal, quantitative, and/or non-verbal. 
  • IQ of 128 or higher

Kindergarten Students And Teacher Sitting In Circle | Teacher Reaching Into ABC Box


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