Preschool and Kindergarten Testing

Preschool Testing

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You may schedule gifted preschool testing by calling Phaedria Begay at (602) 449-2112.  Testing dates are available throughout the year.  District school psychologists administer an Arizona State Board approved IQ test.  A testing fee of $180 is required and must be paid at least two weeks prior to testing.  Students qualify for gifted preschool by obtaining a score in the 90th percentile or above in verbal, nonverbal, and/or quantitative areas.  Depending on the scores received, additional testing may be needed for gifted services in elementary school.

Parents are welcome to seek private testing with a psychologist. Call our office at (602) 449-2113 for more information.

Kindergarten Testing 

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Arizona state law requires that school districts offer testing beginning in kindergarten. PVSchools abides by that law by testing current students who reside within our district boundaries. We strongly suggest testing kindergarten students at the end of the kindergarten year because we miss many kids when they test too early. The tests that we use are normed for students after they have entered kindergarten. If we were to test prior to kindergarten, we would likely be scoring the tests using norms calculated for older kids. Due to the difficulty of the test and the lack of test-taking skills of the young child, students are more likely to qualify on a district administered gifted ability test when they are evaluated later in the school year. An additional concern is that students cannot be retested for a complete year. Therefore, it makes more sense to test the child later in the kindergarten year so that he/she can be appropriately placed in a gifted cluster class as a first grader upon qualifying for gifted services.  

Sometimes parents seek outside testing for their children from psychologists who use IQ tests. IQ tests are a better indicator for pre-kindergarten children but must be administered by a psychologist or someone with an MA in testing and measurement.

Parent Note: View the Testing and Application Process for Gifted Preschool and Self Contained Kindergarten.

New Testing Protocol

Beginning February 13, 2018

Dear Parent(s):

Please view our new private testing protocol on our Private Testing page. If you have questions, please contact our office at (602) 449-2113

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Preschool Application Notice

If your child has attended a preschool within the Paradise Valley Unified School District, the department will reach out to their current teachers for a teacher recommendation. 

Read more about Outside Testing Results.