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Check out the article "How to Start the School Year on a Positive Note with your Gifted Child's Teacher" written by Dr. Dina Brulles and Karen Brown.

High Achiever, Gifted Learner, Creative Thinker
REFERENCE: Kingore, B. (2004). Differentiation: Simplified, Realistic, and Effective Austin: Professional Associates Publishing. •• A three-way comparison of a high achiever, a gifted learner, and a creative thinker is proposed for you to ponder and discuss. 

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children
Lesly K. Sword

The Emotional Journey of the Gifted and Talented Adolescent Female:
Suzanne Blakeley

High-potential Students Thrive When School Districts Develop Sustainable Gifted Services

Dina Brulles, Ph.D. 

Identifying, Serving and Supporting Gifted Students and Their Teachers: Paradise Valley's Comprehensive Approach

Dina Brulles, Ph. D. 

Expanding the Role of Giftedness (AASA School Administrator)

Jane Clarenbach