Tanner Charnstrom Holds Large Videocamera - Pinnacle High School Alumnus

Tanner Charnstrom, Director of Photography
Pinnacle High School Photography Alumnus

Tanner Charnstrom is an experienced Director currently attending Arizona State University for Film Studies. His combination of a story-led approach and his use of practical lighting create stunningly beautiful images.

His main credits are THE BOYS (2016), CLOSER (2017), BABY'S BREATH (2017), and DESYNTHESIZED (2017).

His film THE BOYS, which he was Director and DP for, was an official selection into multiple film festivals, including The Arizona Student Film Festival, Star Dance Youth Film Festival, All-Amercan High School Film Festival, and The Super Film Festival.



Cami Illgen - Criminal Justice Student

Cami Illgen, Criminal Justice Student
Horizon High School Photography Alumna

"I am a Junior at Northern Arizona University studying Criminology, Criminal Justice and Psychology with a minor in Arabic. I also work for the NAU Honors College, as well as for the campus police department. The CTE Forensics Program greatly impacted my life. Not only did I get to meet one of my favorite people, Leanne Quaranto, but I also gained a basic understanding of what a career in law enforcement would entail. I'm now pursuing a law enforcement career, and I am so grateful to CTE for opening that door for me."



Brock Webb - Culinary Artist

Brock Webb, Culinary Artist
Paradise Valley High School Culinary Alumnus

"With the help of a scholarship I earned from Mrs. Nadzieja teaching me, I am now studying Culinary in college."



Mathew McGraw - GCU Marketing Photographer

Mathew McGraw, GCU Marketing Photographer
Horizon High School Journalism, Yearbook & Photography Alumnus

"CTE shaped my life. Within the CTE programs, I found my love for design and for capturing moments. When I was in high school, my goal was to learn how to create every aspect of a yearbook and to rank in the National Yearbook Competitions (which are a thing). I learned to how write like a journalist, how to design industry-quality page layouts, and how to photograph all forms of content to help drive my stories. Without CTE, I would not have grown to be an internationally published photographer working in this field."



Sara Bishop - Cinematic Photographer​​​​​

Sara Bishop - Cinematic Photographer Taking Photos Of Wedding

Sara Bishop, Cinematic Photographer
Pinnacle High School Photography Alumna

"As a sophomore at Pinnacle High School, I was introduced to the art and career possibilities of photography. Ms. Tomlin fostered my love of portraiture and was always available for questions, critique and help in the lab.  In 2004, I graduated from Pinnacle and headed to Arizona State University with a scholarship to pursue my BFA at the Herberger Institute of Fine Art.  I started my company that summer of my first year at 18 years old. Knowing that photography was my career path, I worked at photo labs and portrait studios while attending ASU and growing my company. Today, I employ 5 contractors for my company's wedding services.  I've personally photographed over 100 weddings, countless families and newborns. I also host classes and workshops for fellow photographers to help them in their craft and business practices. My successes today would not have been possible if I wasn't placed in photography as an elective course. I am eternally grateful to Ms. Tomlin for all she taught me in high school."


Chad Raymond

Chad A. Raymond, Director of E-Commerce for Albertsons Companies
Paradise Valley High School School Culinary Alumnus

"My career started with a joy and passion for cooking. During the culinary course, I learned how to motivate people and manage processes. I found out that I excelled at both during school. CTE gave me a real environment to learn and apply skills I was taught. I found this type of learning suited me better than the traditional classroom setting. In my career today, it still comes down to motivating people and managing processes to achieve goals and business objectives."


Josephine Emch

Josephine Emch, Educator and Nutrition & Fitness Entrepreneur
Horizon High School Teacher Academy & Business Alumna

"I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit, so I decided to take an introductory course in business. After being given the opportunity to create a pitch, market a product and create a business proposal, I was sold. However, at the time, I still had a passion for the field of education. So I enrolled in the Teacher Academy program. I found that teaching and working with students was second nature. I enjoyed the course and feel that it made an impact on my career. Fast forward three years later, I am now finishing my degree in Elementary/Special Education while also growing a fitness and nutrition business. I am beyond grateful for the CTE program and all of the skills I gained."


Blake Koolick

Blake Koolick, Partner/CPA at Scottsdale CPAs, PLLC
Horizon High School Business Alumnus

"CTE helped me find my career path and major for college. Mrs. Grega at HHS was an amazing teacher and helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my career."


Charlize Cipres

Charlize Cipres, Pastry Chef at Essence Bakery
Paradise Valley High School Culinary Arts Alumna

"I took Culinary for both semesters all four years of high school. I also participated in three culinary competitions while in the program."


Jason Raducha, Owner of Noble Bread & Eatery
Paradise Valley High School Culinary Arts and Graphic Design Alumnus

"CTE made a HUGE impact on me. It gave me a glance into an industry I had no idea about and piqued my interest in so many other things."


Lacey Gooderham, Title 1 Pre-K Teacher at James P. Lee Early Childhood Learning Center
Horizon High School Teacher Academy Alumna

"I was in the Teacher Academy for two years, and it really solidified my desire to be a teacher! It gave me the 'insider's look' as to what goes into teaching and made me feel at home when I walked into the classroom. I was prepared going into college and knew exactly what I wanted to study. Teacher Academy also gave me some extra classroom hours in preparing lesson plans, delivering lessons and various activities that I was able to use in my classroom experiences later on."