July 2019 Governing Board Letter

The calendar doesn’t lie – school will be back in session soon and our staff has been preparing for the start of the year all summer long. While many have been enjoying the lazy days of summer, at PVSchools we have been working hard to get our schools ready for our students. Despite all those efforts, the first day of school tends to come with some typical challenges, the most frequent of which include delayed bus routes and broken air conditioning. Be assured that our staff will be working diligently to get all the “start of school snags” ironed out quickly so our students and families can begin the year in the most positive way possible.

A warm welcome is in order for our new superintendent, Dr. Jesse Welsh. Dr. Welsh has been orienting himself to the district for a few months and officially started on the job on July 1st. The governing board and Dr. Welsh participated in a retreat in June to develop communication protocols and identify areas for superintendent goals for the coming school year. Dr. Welsh will provide an overview of his goals at our August 8, 2019, governing board meeting. We hope everyone at PVSchools will roll out the red carpet for Dr. Welsh, his wife and their three children, who will be attending our schools. Read more about Dr. Welsh.