January 2020 Governing Board President's Letter

Seems like we were just saying Happy New Year and perhaps making a resolution or two, and now we are getting close to turning a calendar page to February! But before we do, I would like to thank my colleagues on the governing board for electing me to serve as board president this year, and especially thank Julie Bacon for her outstanding leadership as president last year.

The custom of making New Year’s resolutions began with the Babylonians some 4,000 years ago – generally they were entreaties to the gods for bountiful harvests and prosperity made during an 11-day festival of celebration. Over the years, wishes for good crops turned more inward to resolutions for good conduct and self-improvement, to keep steady to a desired path but change for the better where needed.

That quest for continuous improvement and focus is at the core of the efforts we are now undertaking in PVSchools to develop a new strategic plan, as we do every five years, that will help us crystallize our vision, goals, and actions to best support and inspire our students, staff, and community in the new decade. With a process centered in our core values of equity, collaboration, lifelong learning, and communication, we are crafting a plan that will help us to more nimbly respond to our changing environment while increasing effectiveness to achieve success and finding solid solutions to overcome challenges. 

It all starts with listening and learning. To ensure that we have input from as many stakeholders as possible, a survey has been developed and is now open though January 31 for you to provide your thoughts through the Parent Survey or the Community Survey. While individual responses are completely confidential, the information provided will be compiled and shared for use by the Strategic Planning Committee as it shapes the plan and path of the PVSchools Journey of Excellence that will support the individual journeys of students, staff, and families alike. 

As someone who has led strategic planning efforts for companies and organizations, I know it is an exhilarating process for groups to undertake, a true collaboration of creation by and for the community. I am excited to share with you the progress we make throughout the year.

Anne Greenberg
PVSchools Governing Board President