Dr. Troy Bales

Dr Troy Bales

Superintendent of Paradise Valley Unified School District

Dr. Troy Bales is the Superintendent of PVSchools, unanimously selected by the Governing Board to beginning on July 1, 2021.

His vision is simple: leading for excellence, every day, for every child, creating a better community tomorrow. By working as one team focused on student success, Dr. Bales knows that PVSchools will succeed.

Dr. Bales has served as assistant superintendent of human resources and a principal at the elementary and high school levels in PVSchools. He was also, at one time, the executive director of human resources in the Glendale Elementary School District.

He is a member of the American Association of School Administrators, the Arizona School Administrators Association, the Association of School Curriculum and Development, the American Association of School Personnel Administrators, the Arizona Association of School Personnel Administrators, and the Board of Directors - Vice President of Teen Lifeline.

Dr. Bales earned an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies from North Iowa Community College, a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Iowa, and a Master of Arts degree in Education Administration. He earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.

"I am proud to serve our remarkable students and our outstanding educators and will embrace the opportunities and challenges that the superintendency brings. My sincere commitment to integrity, conscientiousness, and continuous years of service to PVSchools provides a steadying influence, while my vision and passion for PVSchools promise to inspire renewed trust to continue to move our students, educators, and our community forward."

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