PVSchools Leadership

Superintendent and Cabinet


You can click on any of the following Leadership members' names in order to read their biography on a separate webpage.

Superintendent Dr Troy Bales Headshot

Dr. Troy Bales
(602) 449-2298


Dr Shaun Holmes Assistant Superintendent Of Human Resources

Dr. Shaun Holmes
Assistant Superintendent
Human Resources
(602) 449-2189


Dr Dan Courson Assistant Superintendent Of Curriculum

Dr. Dan Courson
Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum and Instruction
(602) 449-2100


Jill Barragan Assistant Superintendent Of Business Operations

Ms. Jill Barragan
Assistant Superintendent
Business Operations
(602) 449-2030


Dr Steven Jeras Assistant Superintendent of Leadership - Elementary

Dr. Steven Jeras
Assistant Superintendent
Leadership - Elementary
(602) 449-2095


Andre Long Assistant Superintendent Of Leadership - Secondary

Mr. Andre Long
Assistant Superintendent
Leadership - Secondary
(602) 449-2097


Made up of the superintendent and the superintendent's cabinet, PVSchools leadership works to ensure district-wide quality standards and initiatives. Collectively, the PVSchools leadership, or district administration, is charged with creating a safe, healthy, challenging, and well-rounded productive learning environment. For more information about members of PVSchools leadership, click on the name of the individuals above.


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