Welcome to Paradise Valley School District!

Here at Paradise Valley School District (PVSchools), we’re dedicated to empowering our students to grow into educated, world-class thinkers to positively contribute to society and become our future’s powerful leaders. In order to fulfill this mission, we cultivate a positive, influential staff and offer the best possible opportunities for classes, resources, extracurricular and signature programs for our students. Feel free to learn even more about our school district with the additional information below.

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About PVSchools

What makes PVSchools special? Learn more about our students, staff, and exceptional schools that make up our entire 98-square mile district in Arizona.

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About Our Teachers

Our teachers must meet specific qualification standards in order to join our schools, while striving to grow professionally in developmental programs throughout their career.

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Discover what’s happening throughout the year at PVSchools, such as important meetings, school events, and other special activities.

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Learn all about PVSchools’ strategic plan, which is upheld at all schools within our district.

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Community Notices

Adult Learning programs offer a variety of enriching classes and educational opportunities for adults. These classes provide adults the opportunity to develop new skills and interests, and to connect with others in the community.

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Governing Board

Meet our current board members, who dedicate their time to establish and execute district management policies.

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Health and Wellness

Learn about the proactive strategies our district has in place to ensure the best possible healthy options we provide our students for their nutrition and wellness.

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News and Media

Stay up to date with the latest news and alerts for what’s happening with PVSchools.

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Staff Directories

Need to contact one of our dedicated staff members? Search our directory for the best way to connect with teachers and other important members of our community.

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Success Stories

Curious about what happens with some of the students that graduate from PVSchools? Take a look at our alumni success stories to see the incredible accomplishments our former students are achieving beyond their time in Paradise Valley.

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