• Private Testing

    The Gifted Department will accept private test scores from psychologists who are on our approved list of outside providers. Please view our list of providers for confirmation that the provider you plan to use is on the approved list. Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation in this matter.

    Procedure - For parents whose children were tested by a provider who is not on our approved list of providers:

    1. If a student has been tested by an outside provider who has not been previously approved by the Gifted Department, the parent may submit the scores to the gifted department for consideration. 
    2. The Gifted Department will review the report to verify the qualifications of the provider, the validity of the testing conducted and its acceptance of the test scores. If verified, the Department will accept the report in addition to the District’s list of approved providers.
    3. The Gifted Department reserves the right to deny approval of an outside provider’s evaluation results or to otherwise require corroboration of the validity of test scores received as follows:
      1. If a Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) has not been administered within 12 months, the child will be tested by the district within three weeks at no cost using the test.
      2. If a CogAT has been used within the last 12 months, the student must wait to become eligible to test using the CogAT or the district will administer the Naglieri Nonverbal Abilities test (NNAT2).
      3. Parents may elect to retest their child privately with one of the district’s approved providers.
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Private Provider Information