Instructional Support - Goals, Objectives and Metrics

  • Learning Goal Objectives

    1. Provide a framework of professional learning designed by stakeholders to achieve organizational excellence.

    Learning Goal #1 Metrics:

    • All schools will collaboratively develop a professional learning plan.
    • Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI)

    2. Develop various pathways and procedures to enable each student to have access to have authentic, real-world learning experiences across the curriculum and grade span.

    Learning Goal #2 Metrics:

    • Schools/Departments will document the authentic/real world learning experiences available to every student.  
    • A usage audit will be completed on district adopted curricula.
    • Measure student enrollment in courses/programs characterized by the application of skills.
    • Speak-Up Survey
    • Parent Satisfaction Survey

    3. Provide a rigorous Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) through focused professional development, effective differentiated instruction, and strategic assessments.

    Learning Goal #3 Metrics:

    • Schools will implement the GVC Framework in developed areas.
    • Collect usage data of benchmark assessments.
    • Gather a list of offerings associated with GVC.
    • TES measurement of differentiated instructional strategies.
    • Parent Satisfaction Survey

     Equity Goal Objectives

    1. Develop relationships that support and foster social, emotional, and academic needs to ensure individual student success.

    Equity Goal #1 Metrics:

    • DELTA Survey
    • Parent Satisfaction Survey
    • Arizona Youth Survey

    2. Create procedures to eliminate barriers so that all students can participate and experience success in high quality curricular and extracurricular programs.

    Equity Goal #2 Metrics:

    • Participation data
    • All schools utilize the DELTA Framework
    • DELTA Survey
    • Resource/program analysis

    3. To develop cultural competence within PVSchools that results in equity for students.

    Equity Goal #3 Metrics:

    • Course offerings, descriptions, and evaluations
    • District events
    • Participation numbers
    • DELTA Survey