• Campo Bello is the oldest school in the district that prides ourselves on honoring our traditions as well as supporting the ever-changing needs of our students. The teaching staff is committed to the students and the community, and the teachers average 9.5 years of teaching at Campo Bello.

    The entire staff is dedicated to supporting the success of all the students. Starting in the 2016/17 school year, Campo Bello will be teaching all the students social skills for academic success. We believe that intentionally teaching strategies to promote students’ problem solving skills, resiliency to work through challenges, reflecting on events, as well as the ability to adapt to different challenges will increase the overall academic success for all the students.

    We are also participating in the district provided Intel Mathematics Grant during the 2016/17 school year. One teacher at every grade level as well as the Math Specialist will concentrate on learning and teaching Math using progressive approaches.

    Campo Bello is also utilizing technology to support student learning. Every student in the school has an electronic device in their classroom to use during the school day to help support their needs. We also have teachers using Telepresence to support learning outside our school and connecting students together to accomplish academic goals.

    Campo Bello community partners support us with rewards for student success, funding for after school classes, and a campus thrift shop that is open each Friday for families. All the thrift shop proceeds are used to support our school. We are a small, quiet neighborhood school where teachers are dedicated to both academic and social student growth. Where teachers enjoy their interactions with the students and families and stay year after year to support them.

    Campo Bello is a unique school where everyone believes that every child can succeed given the proper support.

    Jerry Withers